The guide to becoming the
ultimate version of yourself

I knew there was a reason I got in that Lamborghini, but I didn’t ever think it was to break my neck. In that crash, in that moment, my life changed. Dramatically. My story has already inspired thousands and my mission now is to motivate and inspire over a million people. I want my story to be the catalyst that enables you to start living your dreams now, whilst you are still looking forward to your future, rather than looking back at your past with regret. Please don’t regret the life you live by doing yourself the injustice of discovering you’ve done too little too late. Use this book as the boost to you getting what you want out of your life, because no matter what people say, this really isn’t a dress rehearsal!

I am tired of hearing people saying ‘something will turn up’, because it won’t! You need to be the force that changes your future because you are the only one standing in the way of your success. Don’t get caught in what I call the life trap, drifting from weekend to weekend. Make your life count, be someone, achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t wait for a life-changing incident to be the moment you realise what you’re missing, leverage my near-death experience and start being the best you, NOW!

Ben Hulme, The Boot Camper